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It is the mission of F.A.M.E. to use the testimony and influence of Christian Actors, Models, Musicians, & Entertainers as an opportunity to offer the hope and encouragement of Jesus Christ to those in the Arts!

Through the minsitry of F.A.M.E., we want to present to Students of the Arts and Industry Professionals a community of Christian Spiritual Support!


The American Media is the single biggest influence on domestic, as well as international, culture. Our music, movies, and news media directly affects our society, and some studies show that the world is influenced by the media that comes from America. We have the opportunity to influence this industry and the world by creating F.A.M.E. clubs around the country through Talent Agencies, Music Studios, creating community groups and campus club ministries on School Campuses across America. Here's the exciting part, this ministry will involve Actors, Models, Musicians, Entertainers, Directors, Producers, Writers, Photographers, News Media Professionals and crews that are a part of creating media. There will also be opportunities for creating Christian Music, Film, Short Stories, Dramas, Musicals, Dance, and the list goes on with opportunities!